Who is?

The question is quite simple to answer.
In the search for a good company name it was noticed that the domain "Deutscher-Mittelstand.com" is still free.
(In Germany this is THE NAME for all small and medium sized companies)
Well then - go there and register this domain.
And now the name of the company, that would be perfect.
This is hardly possible in Germany, but it was in Hong Kong.
(Not to mention that the manager lived in China at the time)


Stuttgart, Germany and Hongkong based company with vast experience in various standards that encompass Automotive and Medical Devices Industries

Experience with multiple ALM Tools over the past several years

Recently partnered with Kovair to offer optimum customer solutions globally but focused in Europe as well as China and Vietnam

Eminent partners in industry and academia – such as University of Heidelberg Mannheim, Beuth Hoschule.

Successful provider of solutions to several companies listed on the following slide