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Automotive SPICE® made easy

Created by Thomas Arends | |   ISO | Projektmanagement |Quality Management

Those who introduce SPICE typically are overwhelmed by the pure quantity.

Thus we have created a template

What are you struggling with when you hear SPICE?

The statements we hear are about the following

  •      Oh no, that's too much, you can not cut that.
  •      Oha, I have to do something I do not want
  •      Nobody can pay and only costs money
  •      That brings nothing, etc., and many other "explanations"


Can you imagine that SPICE is something that everyone, from the top management to the "LOW" employee, really wants?
That probably sounds like we are


Wizard and in the realm of the fables


We are not!
But we have something that will convince the management and what is

Out of the box

ready for use in your company.
It still remains a lot of work, but its just work.

We can not do the job for you, but you can just "start off" and become a project plan

Have a look to the video on top.

[Translate to English:] Unser Webinar zur Umsetzung ASPICE und ISO 26262