Automize Projects?

seems impossible, but can be done!

The CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) calls for the implementation of experience from executed projects in new projects.

Often that goes awry, or as a design manager once said:

"We do not manage to draw a ball in 3 views without error."

You can find a solution here.


Think outside the box often leads to success.


Projects are always specific and each project has its own characteristics.
Nonetheless, looking at the similarities of projects, much of the work can be automated.

project phases

There are phases in every project.
Each phase requires specific activities (eg: order series tools)

These actions to ease the workload often get lost in the daily work because everyone was so busy... one did not think of it.


Suggestions for improvement are getting wider. Nevertheless, some excellent solutions will not be implemented in the next project.
The problem is communication.

The solution is to collect all the standards, evaluate them, and then USE THEM in each new project.


We have developed a solution that automates this leakage of knowledge.
We use a generic project plan based on ISO 16326:

Each employee can make a proposal via a central system.
These are evaluated by the team CIP.
Now these data are transferred to the template of your project.
By activating (activating) the project phase, these tasks are automatically distributed to the relevant role owners.
Escalations are created automatically.
It stays that way if you maintain it.
If overloads occur, so they are made visible and allow early remedial action.

Autogeneration of tasks

While a task is set for each status transition, the release means a sample phase.

We have a solution that ensures that all your right people are informed.