SPICE® - misunderstood

Whoever is dealing with SPICE® for the first time is told: "This is a software development process". This is about as meaningful as the statement:
     "That's money, it has nothing to do with banks."

SPICE® is a company-wide quality process that was originally initiated in the software.
And - in contrast to the extensive books and documents, the usual day-long discussions - SPICE® is easy.

Our Automotive development template

Version 2019

Our ASPICE® ISO 26262 template was developed by those who daily stand in "the line of fire". Is it Projekt or Quality Management, Software, Hardware development or Testing.
It is updated every time there is improvement possible. Ressource loads can be seen in Kovair. Kovairs planning features show overallocation by usage in several projects.
This template will provide you with the chance to somewhat "from scratch" show compliance with regulatory requests.
It satisfies the needs of the operation personnel AND the needs of Management.

Take your processes and move them quickly in the tool. Optimize Processes during development and even test them (with full rollback possibility) during your work.

Training and quality assurance of YOUR processes and methods is supported.

Our template comes pre-configured content and with flexibly customizable artefacts and processes out of the box.

We have built the template on the traceability requirements, as defined in Automotive SPICE. The template contains:

  • Full Configuration Management, identifying all artefacts (work items) as requested by SPICE and ISO 26262.
    • Merge Function to map all the work products to your company internal usage
  • Plas as needed by the norm - pre worded - fill in what you need in the project
  • All Base Practices mapped to the activities to be done.
  • A complete defined automotive lifecycle as given by the standards, with System-, Hardware-, and Software- and Safety Requirements, development tasks, and test items to support V&V activities
  • Risk Management, HARA, Quality Assurance, and Defect handling.

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Our Kovair Templates

E/E Development with Kovair

System, hardware, software, quality - everything has to fit together. Use Kovair to coordinate innovation in mechanics, electronics and software. Shorten cycle times and focus on your work. No long lasting voting meetings - all data can be provided. From a single source - data consistent. No matter which method you use - Kovair supports the structure.