The challenge

The financial and resource planning for projects are almost always struck down at the beginning by management and controlling.

The problem with the estimation is the sheer amount of factors. At the time of RFQ, resources are not allocated. Nobody really has time to do this job. The costs are "diced", especially as you know that the panel will cut the costs anyway.

At the beginning of a project, however, the course is set for the stress factors in the project. Are there enough or too many employees and finances available?

In some industries, it is common practice for projects to go into "task force mode". Resources that are needed are not approved at the beginning of the project. The estimates are not trusted.
It sounds like the movie: "Groundhog Day".

„Work once – Use many“

read how you can methodically determine the project costs of a system development with little effort, based on the specifics of your company or your team, objectively justified.
Once you put some effort into it (about 1 day), you will only need a little time to get reliable figures for the projects.

And the most important thing - the figures are reliable.

Into the ring to the fight with the project committee, which you can win now, based on solid facts.

a good mathod

should be able to:

  • Quick and easy
  • Standards-specific (automotive, aviation, medical, industrial....)
  • Company specific
  • Project specific
  • Method-specific
  • and other special features
  • correctly and then nevertheless

accurately predict the project costs.