is such a funny thing. And the following makes us proud.
Our templates are used daily and, of course, regularly developed further.
The PIM - Process IMprovement - is our daily bread.

Now we have just learned that our competition uses our templates from 2014 - 2015.

Still - the competition has better marketing - so we have to admit, but we are proud that our competition today with these "in the digital ages terms very old" templates. Still really osell on the market.

We seem to have done damn lot right there.
Assume that our templates are state of the day.
Take off with us!

Kovair Templates



Overview of  GAMP®-implementation and the themes of  ISO 14971, 21 CFR Part 11.



ASPICE® and more

Our template may be a little large, but in a few simple steps - by simply hiding the things you did not need - you and your team are "ready to go"

Suitable for ASPICE®, ISO 26262 and VDA 6.3 development.
Includes 20 "standard" plans as templates.


DO 178C and DO 254

Software and hardware development for aviation.

Unimaginably uncommon for the "normal citizen" - rather relaxed for the professionals in the environment.
Of course we help you with the qualification according to DO330.

Medical Template

Standards realized

ISO 13384, 14971, 60601 ... our medical solution has it all.

As with all other templates, we tend to create "150%" templates.
Cutting off is always easy - Ask us for a Life Demo



Project Management

ISO 16326

ISO 16326. "THE" standard for meaningful project management - and basically - very simple.



ISO 9001 / Enterprise SPICE®

You can look at our template in a Life Demo - and of course the Android APP developed by us